We have successfully completed many aircraft operations with our aircrafts. We are also continuing our activities in procurement, Pilot in command (PIC) flights, aircraft imports.

In our electronic business, which has been continuing for three generations, we offer instant and guaranteed services&solutions in  Automotive Electronics units.

We continue our "customer satisfaction" focused business without sacrificing confidence and quality in the brand new and second hand automotive market.




Our company provides consultancy services on land survey, by the experience and knowledge, making the necessary studies in line with the needs, and produces fast and economical solutions.

To prevent the any suffer and negativity in the purchase or sale of automobiles and to know exact condition of your vehicle; We give detailed expertise services to you with our educated expert cadres.

We provide rigorous and constructive advice on occupational health and safety, including all class hazardous workplaces, with our Class A work safety certificate.

Cumhuriyet Caddesi, Gökçek İşhanı No.2 Kat.1 60300 Turhal / TR